Hotel & Croquet Club Quinta da Chaminé

Hotel & Croquet Club Quinta da ChaminéHotel & Croquet Club Quinta da Chaminé

Croquet Club


Croquet club in Alentejo, near Comporta (Portugal)

Located in Comporta, Portugal, our Croquet Club is not simply a place of play. It is a space designed in the middle of nature, where the main objective of the attendees will be to get in touch with the most natural environment, without neglecting of course the practice of a sport so special and sometimes little recognized as croquet.

In our croquet club there are no differences between people or sex or age, or experience. We offer a place where everyone has a place, where anyone can learn to play this sport or demonstrate all their skills if they are already a skilled and experienced player.

Croquet is a sport for everyone, and it has many benefits for people at all levels. First, because it is very simple and suitable for anyone. From children to the elderly, they can practice it, and improve coordination, psychomotor development, strategy and precision in each stroke.

It is important to keep in mind that a croquet club is not the same as a croquet club , and it is very different sports. In general terms, croquet is a sport that can be remembered for golf or even billiards, calm and strategic; while croquet is a sport similar to baseball, much more energetic and physical.

Going to our croquet club in Comporta, Alentejo, is always a good idea, whether to spend a different time or to enjoy a complete holiday stay in a unique environment full of places to see and activities to perform.


What does our Croquet club offer?

To start, in our croquet club in Comporta, Alentejo, you can find a croquet field adapted to the regulations of the World Croquet Federation. This means that its quality is unbeatable, and that it can be used only for recreational uses, but also for official competitions, since it is an approved center.

Within the same terrain, at the perfect distance to be accessible without interfering with the game, is the Club House, a space designed for the maximum comfort of croquet players. This place completes a set where attendees can talk about the sport at hand, in addition to carrying out the necessary supplies both before and after the practice of sports activity.

Croquet Lawn

The Hotel & Croquet Club Quinta da Chaminé has a Croquet Lawn designed according to the regulations of the World Croquet Federation, both in the quality of execution and planting (Agrostis), as in measures 32 meters long (35 yards) by 25.60 meters (28 yards) wide, which allows us to approve official competitions and tournaments.

The Club House is at the right distance to not interfere in the game, allowing maximum concentration and enjoyment for players.

Croquet Club and Hotel in Alentejo, near Comporta

If you want to spend a different and very special holiday, you are in the right place. In addition to being able to enjoy the outdoors and green landscapes while you relax playing in our croquet club, you will also have the opportunity to rest and spend quality time in all the facilities of our Hotel in Comporta.

And croquet is not the only activity available at our hotel and croquet center in Comporta. Our location was carefully chosen, looking for very specific characteristics both in the weather and in the environment. We are in a place where good weather is the norm, which allows visiting and entering unique and impressive natural landscapes.

The town of Comporta itself has kilometer beaches of wild and incomparable beauty, in addition to all the charm of its natural harbor and the taste of its more traditional cuisine. But there is much more. In the surroundings of our resort you can also visit places like Monsaraz, Évora, the Roman Ruins of an agricultural village, or even Lisbon. And all that without talking about other activities in nature such as horseback riding, golf, south or bike rides through natural and wild spaces.

Advantages of our Croquet club members

Being a member of a quality croquet club, like this one, you can enjoy endless advantages. The first one, to play croquet as and when you want, because you will always have at your disposal all the spaces of the club for your use and enjoyment. But this is only the most obvious of the advantages.

Another of these indisputable advantages is the internment in nature, which allows a total disconnection of the city's rhythm of life. This also has a direct benefit on health, because it eliminates the stress accumulated in the day to day, and manages to avoid problems during the stay.

Belonging to our croquet club is to understand life in a very specific way, to share values and experiences, as a family or alone, since our complex is designed to easily adapt to any type of visitor. Contact us so that we can inform you personally about all the advantages of being a club member, without any commitment or inconvenience to you.